By clicking the "I Agree" button below, you are agreeing to learn something about the largest crime in U.S. history. You agree that you will not be violent. You agree that you will not retaliate. You agree that you will help education another human being about this largest crime in U.S. history. You agree that I am not a lawyer. You agree that I am not providing legal advice. You agree that I am not providing legal opinion. You agree that there is a sky above. You agree that you want to learn. You agree that you will help others understand. You agree that you are ugly and I am not. You agree that I am ugly and you are not. You agree that I am taller than you are. You agree that I am smaller than you are. You agree that I don't eat, and you do. You agree that you will not challenge your agreement with me. You agree that you will memorize every article on this website. You agree that you will explain the charts to others accurately.


By clicking  I AGREE you agree to all the above, so you can continue to the website about the largest crime in U.S. history.

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Did you honestly read this page before clicking "I agree"?

Does anyone ever read the "terms" before they click "I agree"? Very few, if any, according to researchers, public records, etc..., and I've witnessed it myself from a very dear friend of mine, in his own words about how I laid out this page. he,  like them only click "I agree" before reading the intire conract, like this example page, for instance.

If I were as heartless as those whom create "opt-in" contracts to join a membership, I could hold you to this contract because you agreed to it to "get in". And unless you understood that it was a contract of adhesion, I'd probably win.  Don't worry, I'm only trying to help you understand what an unconscionable contract can appear like. even electronically. But you will need to click "I agree" if you want to go any further.  And now you know it is unconscionable, how could I hold it against you? Not even the courts can do that! Now if you have read this page, you also realize you can click on the image below and gain access to one education you won't get in school, or law school, the hypocrites.

Let me in the rabbit hole

I can even show you this simple demonstration even being used for a "cause" when people want to learn more about their "rights"  Yes, they too do not realize how they too are using one-sided contracts for their "cause". Just how ignorant is this world?

So now you should have a better understanding of things, especially the fact that the agreement between MERS and its "members" is just that, between them, and not you. Most of the contracts we enter into that binds us, are adhering contracts or adhesion contracts, meaning they have ramifications that are not disclosed or known to you at the time you agree to them, they are by trickery and deceit, in which this is a clear violation of contract law. Yet, we consistently willingly, yet unknowingly, agree to sign just about anything that is placed before us, why? Even when we "click to agree". Because we honestly think we are dealing with "the authorities", when we are Not, instead we are dealing with criminals who are focused on keeping us enslaved on paper, a bureaucratized slavery. Slavery has been bureaucratized and institutionalized.

One last thing to ponder; The UCC is utilized by all corporations, for "goods" and "services", right? In other words, "intangibles". Those utilizing the UCC are being the "creditor" and you allegedly are being the "consumer", correct? So when you click "I agree", for an "online" agreement, how are "All rights reserved" if this "right" is not provided by E-SIGN? E-SIGN states that "The provisions of section 7001 of this title shall not apply to a contract or other record to the extent it is governed by—..." the Uniform Commercial Code, as in effect in any State, other than sections 1–107 and 1–206 and Articles 2 and 2A". See 15 USC 7003. So where is 1-103, or 1-308 mentioned in the E-SIGN contract? Not! Yet, "banks use the UCC for enforcement of electronic contracts?

The extent of the use of the UCC's 1-103; and 1-308 is that they state two things - 1. that you will not enter into any contracts that are not full disclosure (no adhesions, hidden things) and 2. you will not enter into any contracts that are not in harmony with natural Law. This means that if you knew, by having full disclosure of all portions of said contract, what you were binding yourself to, you would refuse to contract. Everyone has the right to contract or not, understand that contracts that are entered into that are not in harmony with natural or common law are usually contracts that violate your inalienable/unalienable rights, and, by signing them you waive your rights? How does one "waive" their rights in an illegal contract?  You can't contract to conduct illegal acts. If this were the case, how could one entity contract to kill another illegally? You couldn't, it would be legal, in mans law, yet, not in natural law, or the Supreme law of the land. This is why it is imperative to always sign "all rights reserved" U.C.C 1-103, and 1-308. It is a method in regards to contracts, wherein you hold these corporations to the Constitutional Laws, of which they are bound to by their States Constitution which cannot supercede the Supreme Law of The Land which is The United States Republic Constitution.

Article VI

All debts contracted and engagements entered into, before the adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the Confederation. This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding. The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the members of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.


Better is a little in righteousness than a multitude of gain which is not by justice.


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Two Cents

Is Hillary deceiver? Are her companions promoting fear, hatred, and lies?

[I am neither Republican, nor Democrat]

In the current presidential campaign Donald Trump's run reminds me of similarities to Happy Gilmore. No matter how obnoxious Mr. Gilmore was, or whom he beat up, and no matter how the opposing "players" tried to get Happy removed from the game, it was Happy Gilmore who was good at the game, even though he was not a professional golfer, and nobody paid Happy's way to play the game, except Happy himself.  And Happy pulled more people into becoming involved in the "game" of golf than any other "player" in its history. And they who came to watch, liked him.

Both are candidates are dividing this country. Each in their own way.

To either of these candidates, I welcome to come speak with me. Let me tell you about the corruption in Williamson County, Texas. Let me tell you about the theft of homes in Texas.  Of course, this is only a pipe dream, yet I am available.

"What do you have to lose"?

Do you honestly think that statement was only meant for people of color? You honestly can't be that stupid, right?

Your 401k and pension plans are imaginary in the intangible stock market. Do you believe you have a monetary future? You've already lost everything, I don' care what you think you have. 

The question is more like "Do you want to continue with the current regime that has bilked Americans, and the world out of their life savings, or do you want to change the direction of this country, and the world? You will not know what Trump can do until after he is in office. And you will not know if he lied, until after the fact. But, keep in mind, you have already witnessed what those who have been in office for many years have accomplished, and their lies. Even Obama's false promises rear its ugly head. It is time to remove the old political trash, and bring in some new flesh into the government. The new ones will know you mean business because you got rid of the bullshi-ot from the old ones, and will not take that anymore. Make you statement, "We will not put up with the crap anymore!". Your children's future depends on it.  Don' be ignorant, learn something of importance.

From 2000 (Clinton era), to present, the national debt has increased multi-fold compared the the previous 100 years. Where has it gotten better?

"Rid the old political garbage stench, and bring in some new fresh smelling flesh!"


Because my thoughts are deficient and I do not have the understanding of the children of men, And I have not known wisdom neither have I learned the knowledge of The Holy Ones, He said to me: "Who went up to Heaven and came down, and who is holding the wind in his palms? Who has bound the waters in a napkin and who has established all the ends of the Earth? What is his Name, and what is his Son's Name, if you know?"

"All the words of God are chosen and he helps those that trust upon him." "Do not add to his words, lest he rebuke you, and you be proven a liar." I have requested two things of you; do not deny me them before I die. Take emptiness and lying speech far from me, and do not give me poverty or wealth. Give me a living sufficient for me. Lest I be full and I lie and say, "Who is Lord Jehovah?", or lest I become poor and I teal and swear in the name of my God. Do not hand over a Servant to his Master, lest he curse you and you be condemned.

To a generation that its fathers will revile and its mother will not bless; A generation that is pure in its own eyes and is not washed from its own filthiness; A generation -how haughty are its eyes and its eyelids raised! A generation whose swords are its teeth, and daggers its molars, to consume the poor of earth and the afflicted of men.

Three leeches have three beloved daughters that are not full, and a fourth does not say, "It is enough": Sheol and her barren womb, the ground that is not filled with water, and fire does not say, "It is enough". Ravens of the valley will tear out the eye that laughs at its father and despises the old age of its mother, and the young Eagles will eat it.

Three things are hidden from me, and a fourth I have not known exists: The way of an eagle in the sky, the way of the snake upon a rock, the way of the ship in the heart of the sea and the way of a man in his youth. So is the way of an adulterous woman; she eats and she wipes her mouth and she says, "I have done nothing".

The Earth quakes under three things, and under four, it cannot endure: Under a Servant when he will reign, and under a fool when he is filled with bread, And under a hateful woman that is married to a man, and under a Maidservant that dismisses her mistress.

Four things are small in the Earth, and they are wiser than the wise: Ants that have no power in them and from the harvest they prepare their bread, And the rabbits that are lacking in power and make themselves houses in the rocks, And locusts that have no King over them and they all assemble together, And the lizard that clings with its hands and dwells in Kings' houses.

There are three that are right in their walking and the fourth is beautiful walking:

The whelp of a lion is champion of all beasts, neither is he afraid nor does he turn from any beast, And a rooster that struts among hens, and the he-goat that goes at the head of the flock, and the King that speaks among the peoples.

Do not covet, lest you be despised, and do not stretch your hand to your mouth in depravity. From the fat of the milk butter comes forth, but if you squeeze your hand upon wheat, blood will come forth, so from contention among people judgment goes forth.

End of times

How dare you make monies from the blind, the ignorant. How dare you promote something tha you, yourself should fear. You do not know the beginning, how do you know the end? You do not know the living God, else you would not do what you do!

Do you not fear the Lord?

Peace be with you,