Peace be with you,

Prayer is always foremost when initiating any great and laudable undertaking.

May those against me whom worship deception as a way to success, find success in testimony to the word.

May they become trapped within themselves to be the result and that which they themselves created by their hand, be held accountable for themselves and receive the reward they earned.

May they who deceive be confounded at the glory of truth of which they helped to construct without knowing, since they themselves, deceived themselves, and their wealth shall become like a dried leaf of bitter waste, yet in that dried leaf, they be provided forgiveness, for truly they know not what they do, else they would not.

Thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done. 

I came to bring a sword. I care for you. All I am here for is to help you realize what you have done is forgivable. You made a wrong choice in life, and now you are at the turning point. You were misled. Through your ignorance, you've ignored the greatest power. Love. Your love was directed toward the wealth of your success not matter who got in your way. You lost your love for your fellow man. You placed conditions on love. Through your conditional love came greed. You've turned your back on the greatest power of this Earth.

Turn from the ways of this world before you endure more pain and suffering. Renew your mind. Know who can protect you, man can't. You are caught in the wheel of iniquity. Your intents were just in the beginning, but once you found yourself mangled in the web of iniquity, you believe there is no way out, except by death. Face your fears. Dying the physical death will not allow you to escape. You must come to know the Lord before you die, else your actions on this Earth are in vain.

Look in the mirror, see the image of God. Look at your loved ones, see the image of God. Look around at your friends, see the image of God. Look at all the living beings on this Earth, see the image of God.

Why do you cause harm to others? Why do you treat others as if they are beneath you? Why do you judge others as if you have the power to do so? Why do you enjoy the hardships of others? Why do you boast about yourself? Why do you think you are smarter than others? Why do you think evil people should die? Why do you murder? Why do you worship other gods? Why do you make idols? Why do you not worship the Lord God with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul?

If the world has led you to believe you have such ability to act in any of the above, what god do you worship? Do you worship a god that allows you to act that way?

Can you not open your eyes and see that when your anger, hatred, resentment, deceit, or oppression are toward another fellow being, you are committing acts against the image of God? Why? Do you not know your inheritance, or do you only know what you've inherited from the god of this world? They say his price is a soul?

I praise you, the divine being you are. When will you realize who you are, not what you are.

You are an actor, acting a part that is not the real you, and you know that don't you? You are not who you claim to be. You've created two of yourself. One to use around certain people, and one to use around other people. Why?

When will you begin to love your neighbor as you love your self? Or, deep down, do you really love yourself? If you chose to say yes, then why do you treat other people in a fashion other than from love? Why do you treat them in a way, that you would not like them treating you?